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Why My Daughter’s Dreams Make My Heart Ache

My daughter is 10 years old. She is completely boy crazy! She dreams about having a boyfriend, she dreams about getting married, she dreams about kissing a boy. She talks all the time along this theme. My husband and I are frequently reminding her that 10 is too young to consider having a boyfriend, never mind getting married!

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The Gift of Presence

The gift of presence is not easy to come by, you cannot pay for it, and few people have it naturally. When I say the gift of presence I do not mean personality - many people are 'personalities', rather, the 'gift of presence' is that amazing ability some people have, and foster, to really be present to another. We all know someone I hope who is really aware of others, who listens to others when they talk and remembers what they say, who looks others in the eye, who encourages with words and in their gestures, who wishes the best for them. 

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The Gift of My Wife

his story is also not about me, or about my other five kids (James, Simon, Violet, Eliza, or Cecily), this story is about my amazing wife.  When we began having children 10 years ago, we never thought we would be a parent to a Special Needs Child. We soon realized through the tears and laughter, that this was a blessing bestowed upon us by the lord.  

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My Mom

Two of my other brothers have learning disabilities, too.  But these challenges have not caused my mother to lose hope or stop living her life; they have developed her into the loving, caring, patient, and selfless person that she is.  Her trust in God is her greatest virtue and something that helped me develop my relationship with God.

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A Place for Corey

When our son, Corey, was born 23 years ago, he was gravely ill with a blood disorder. Immediately we could also see that he did not resemble our other children. His ears were small and low-set and there was a curious fold of skin at the back of his neck. Trisomy 21 was the diagnosis, Down Syndrome, an extra chromosome.

We were stunned, but instinctively knew that our son was a whole person inside an imperfect body.

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