The Gift of My Wife


My Daughter Clare was born in 2005 with a rare genetic deletion called Williams Syndrome. She was our second child and our first daughter. In her first year of life she went through three cardiac catheterizations and open heart surgery. Since then she has had over a dozen procedures on her heart, is followed by over half a dozen doctors, and has been part of two research studies. However, this story is not about Clare.

This story is also not about me, or about my other five kids (James, Simon, Violet, Eliza, or Cecily), this story is about my amazing wife.  When we began having children 10 years ago, we never thought we would be a parent to a Special Needs Child. We soon realized through the tears and laughter, that this was a blessing bestowed upon us by the lord.  My wife has taken this gift from God and accepted it with such resilience and humility. Some days it is grace given by God, and some days it is the cross she bears. But whether that day brings hardship and tears, or joy and laughter she knows that the gift of Clare is one that is reserved for those special people on Earth. Having a child with difficulties, whether they be developmentally or medically or both, makes you view the world in a whole different light. We have looked at our other children differently; we have looked at our kids friends differently.  It also makes us look at each other differently. I have seen an amazing new side of my wife watching how she keeps this crazy little microcosm of our family together and running in an orderly fashion.

God gave us a Special Needs Child and thus making my wife a truly Special Mother

Dear Jesus,

I say this prayer of thanksgiving to you, who makes all things possible and unique. You have given me a multitude of gifts in my life, and you have blessed me well beyond what I deserve. Thank you most importantly for the Gift of Teresa. When we crossed paths in college, I did not know nor could I understand the life you had planned for us:

Thank you for all the good times

Thank you for the hardships

Thank you for the laughter and tears

Thank you for the trust to be loved by this special woman

She is exactly what I needed in my life to bring me closer to you

In Jesus’ name I pray