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The Pilgrimage

 Every year in early September there is a small spectacle that occurs for those to see between a small farming village outside of Vienna, Austria, to the ancient Cistercian Monastery of Heiligenkreuze (Holy Cross) some thirteen miles away. The International Theological Institute (ITI) makes a pilgrimage to that venerable monastery through harvested fields and vineyards laden with ripe grapes and through the famous wooded hills of Wienerwald, to venerate the largest relic of the true Cross north of the Alps, for the Feast of the Exultation of the Cross.

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The Gift of My Wife

his story is also not about me, or about my other five kids (James, Simon, Violet, Eliza, or Cecily), this story is about my amazing wife.  When we began having children 10 years ago, we never thought we would be a parent to a Special Needs Child. We soon realized through the tears and laughter, that this was a blessing bestowed upon us by the lord.  

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