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So much to teach our children and so little time

So much to teach our children, and so quickly the years go by. As a parent, the responsibility can at times feel overwhelming. The math, the reading, the sports and activities all contribute to the development of our children and have value and importance. But there is that One thing or more precisely the One Person that supersedes all other lessons in value.

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Attention and the Sacrament of the Present Moment

God is here. Now. In this moment. He is closer to us than we are to ourselves. Indeed, if he ceased to be present, we would cease to exist. How rarely we feel or experience this truth! Yet, holy men like Jean-Pierre de Caussade or Brother Lawrence, who both wrote wonderful books about finding God in the present moment, tell us with full conviction that we can learn to do so. How? We must train ourselves to see and perceive God’s presence.

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The Gift of Presence

The gift of presence is not easy to come by, you cannot pay for it, and few people have it naturally. When I say the gift of presence I do not mean personality - many people are 'personalities', rather, the 'gift of presence' is that amazing ability some people have, and foster, to really be present to another. We all know someone I hope who is really aware of others, who listens to others when they talk and remembers what they say, who looks others in the eye, who encourages with words and in their gestures, who wishes the best for them. 

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