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Living Parochial School Life

t’s common to talk about “return on investment” when contemplating decisions which have a significant financial impact. Like many families, though God has graciously blessed us with employment that has provided our needs, we still struggle with a fixed income and dealing with what seems like ever increasing expenses. We know that the Lord is looking for a “return” on his investment in us (Mt. 25: 14-30) – especially in His most precious gifts to us, our children. We decided this critical time in their spiritual formation was the right time to “invest”.

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Living Homeschool Life

We chose homeschooling for a variety of reasons many years ago when our oldest child was entering kindergarten. The most pressing reason was the dearth of options for Catholic schooling at the time: we had just moved out of state and were on waiting lists for the local private schools. We see this now as God’s nudge for us to consider homeschooling in spite of the intimidation we felt.

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