Living Parochial School Life


When we moved our family to Manchester eleven years ago, we had four children (ages 1 through 7) and one more on the way. Although we began their education in public school and were generally satisfied with it, when our oldest was in 6th grade we realized we needed to make a change. We understood that we needed our children’s education and daily school environment more aligned with our family values and our faith. We decided that private Catholic education was the right choice for us, and we have never looked back at that decision.

It’s common to talk about “return on investment” when contemplating decisions which have a significant financial impact. Like many families, though God has graciously blessed us with employment that has provided our needs, we still struggle with a fixed income and dealing with what seems like ever increasing expenses. We know that the Lord is looking for a “return” on his investment in us (Mt. 25: 14-30) – especially in His most precious gifts to us, our children. We decided this critical time in their spiritual formation was the right time to “invest”.

In giving our assent to the Lord in welcoming every child he would send us, we also realize that he would help us to provide for them – especially their education. In hindsight, though it remains a struggle, would say our biggest challenge has not been financial, but it was trusting God would honor our commitment with the grace to make it happen. He has never disappointed!

Jesus told us we are supposed to be “in the world, but not of the world”. Rest assured, for our family Catholic education is proving to be well worth the investment.

Tom and Sylvie Tetreault live in Manchester, NH with their five beautiful children.