Living Homeschool Life


We chose homeschooling for a variety of reasons many years ago when our oldest child was entering kindergarten. The most pressing reason was the dearth of options for Catholic schooling at the time: we had just moved out of state and were on waiting lists for the local private schools. We see this now as God’s nudge for us to consider homeschooling in spite of the intimidation we felt.

Since then we can’t even begin to count the blessings that have come from it. Homeschooling has helped us give our children the education we wanted for them: a classical approach forming them with the intellectual tools for learning which we hope will last them their lifetime. It has built our family unity, which is no small accomplishment considering the wide age spread between our oldest and youngest children. They all know each other well and it is a joy to see the favorite games and private jokes between the oldest and youngest. Homeschooling has helped to keep life simple and us all heading in the same direction giving us time to eat and pray and be together. And having some flexibility of schedule allows for the individual interests and abilities of each to be fostered. This has helped our older children to earn money for college since they can work hours that are usually unavailable to other teens. Best of all, it has kept us all on the “same page,” especially in living our Catholic Faith.

We continue to be a work in progress, but homeschooling has been one of the tools God has used to teach us family life and love. We are ever-grateful to Him!

Dave and Kathy have been married for 27 years and reside in Dunbarton, NH. 
They have 10 children: John (26), Maria (23), Paul (21), Theresa (19), Joseph (16), Katrina (13), Jacinta (11), David (9), Christina (7), and Rosa (4).