A Remarkable Single Mother


Certain people firmly impress you the moment you meet - a joyful charisma, a sharp intellect, shining eyes, graceful poise - what ever it is, they have something special that they can't hide. Others impress you more and more over time, special qualities reveal themselves as you get to know them - in my experience it is usually then because of a deep humility - a quiet and strong faith.

There is one mother I met who exemplifies this latter type of person. Her name is Deleene and she is the single-mother of four young children. Deleene is a resident of Kingston, Jamaica, I met her when while volunteering for a year at Mustard Seed Communities, an organization that’s main mission is to run homes in poor areas for disabled children and adults. I lived above one such home called Sophie's Place where Deleene worked. She was, and is, the cook for the Children's home, a cook for the volunteers (primarily dinner - delicious!), and in charge of the quarters that house mission groups - also cooking for the mission groups, which means over 20 hungry people at times! This in-itself is worth praise.

Deleene did impress me as kind and generous the moment I met her. One instance of her kindness I remember clearly is when she found out it was American Thanksgiving; she threw a party for volunteers who were  there from the US. She researched and prepared decorations and traditional food! What an amazing surprise it was for them! But as time went on I found out more about Deleene; she was not just a great cook, she was a loving single-mother to her four young boys - her husband had passed away a few years prior. One of her boys, Daniel, has been sick from around the time her husband died and since has often been in and out of the hospital. When I learned this I started talking to her more.

What was always impressive was, as only a mother can, she did not complain about things like getting little sleep and trying get back and forth between the hospital while also cooking for Sophie's Place and being a mother to her three other sons - her heart’s concern was for Daniel. She would say if it was a tough day when asked - but she wouldn't complain, usually she would just say how difficult it was because Daniel was really sick again, how sad that made her, and then tell me how grateful she was for God and her friends that support her. God most certainly keeps her going! I am grateful that I met Deleene, not just because of all the delicious Jamaican food she cooked me, but also because she showed me how when it comes down to it  - the most important thing, the only thing necessary, is a living faith in Jesus Christ. When we have faith, and fight the good fight, He takes care of us and all our needs.  Please keep Deleene and her four boys, especially Daniel, in your prayers. Daniel is scheduled for a necessary surgery next year - but as Deleene told me, she is praying God heals him before then.