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Carolyn - A Birth Mother’s Story and Adoptive Mom’s Story

A true story told from the perspective of a birth Mother and adoptive Mother in the State of NH with appreciation from their daughter.

From the Birth Mom Putting my baby up for adoption was the most difficult decision of my life. I was young and irresponsible. I deeply regretted getting pregnant. Deep down I knew how important it was for a child to have good parents and a good upbringing. I knew I was not that person and my baby deserved better.

When the time came to give birth, I regret deeply that I chose to not see or hold my baby.

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Open Hearts – Stories of Adoption

Adoption was simply a miracle of life for us. It allowed us to overcome infertility!

After realizing our family would not grow biologically, we investigated our options and chose to adopt. We had a negative image of adoption - bad press, a lengthy and bureaucratic time-line, the unforeseeable surprises and disappointments along the way. However, once we accepted these challenges and decided to jump in anyway, we began the count down to growing our family, God willing. 

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Adoption Versus IVF

Our decision to choose adoption over IVF was not a difficult one, in that we had discussed the issue prior to marriage, but it wasn’t without some significant questioning on our part.

Since before we first met each other, we both wanted to live our lives according to church teaching. As a couple who married in our mid/late 30’s, we were aware that there were no guarantees of successful pregnancies.

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