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A Father's Day Tribute

Last Friday, I watched my husband Shawn teach our 7-year old daughter, Violet, how to ride her bike without training wheels. Shawn travels throughout the week for work and, come Friday, is fairly tired. So when Violet asked him at 4pm if he would take the training wheels off her bike and teach her to ride it, I could sense his hesitation. He really wanted to sit on the front steps with me and a beer and just enjoy watching our kids play.

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My Father a True Role Model

When I look at myself, I want to be able to say that I am as great a man as my dad is, and to one day myself be as good a father as he has been to me. I hope to one day be the man he wants me to be, and raised me to be, since I know that he has only ever wanted the best for me, and that eventually I can return to him all the love and generosity that he has shown to me.

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