Protecting Families in this Digital Age

We need all the help we can get in parenting in this digital culture. Please check out the many resources we have for educating, safeguarding and healing for families in this age of social media and internet accessibility.

Education & Tools

Integrity Restored

Informed Dvd Series - avail. through Integrity Restored

Diocese of Lincoln Nebraska Family Life Office- w/Fr. Sean Kilcawley

Fr. Sean Kilcawley - Youtube

Archdiocese of Kansas

Covenant Eyes, Internet Accountability and Device Protection

CMG Parent

Protect Young Minds 

Family Safe: Parental Control & Safety Solutions  

Education & Recovery Resources

Reclaim - online recovery program - Catholic

The Porn Effect - Catholic

Fortify - Science-based support for lasting change

Strive - On-line 21 Day Program for men 18+ – Matt Fradd 

Bloom for Catholic Women - healing for women that have been impacted by their husband’s pornography use and/or addiction

Secular Resources

Your Brain on Porn

Fight the New Drug -online non-faith based program for teens & adults 



SATP Institute

12 Step Support

3 and 4 Day Intensive Retreats

My House Workshop
Michael Ciaccio MS, LPC, SATP - Kansas

Faithful & True
Dr.Laasar - Minn. 

Bethesda Workshops

Education for Families in Sexuality

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures , Porn-proofing Today’s Young Kids, Ages 7-11

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, Jr., A Simple Plan to protect Young Minds, Ages 3-6

Wonderfully Made Babies - A Catholic Perspective on How and Why God Makes Babies (for ages 9 and up) 
Ellen Giangiordano

Made this Way, How to Prepare Kids to face Today’s Tough Moral Questions 
Leila Miller & Trent Horn

Theology of the Body Resources

Theology of the Body Teachings by Fr. Sean Kilcawley, STL

Theology of the Body for Beginners, Ascension Press 

You: Life, Love and the Theology of the Body (teens) , Ascension Press

Theology of the Body for Kids

Theology of the Body Institute

Men, Women and the Mystery of Love- Edward Sri