Happy Catholic New Year!


Happy New Year! No, this greeting isn’t early for Catholics as the First Sunday of Advent begins our new year in the Church. Are you looking to live more peacefully and with greater purpose as a family? Look to the Church’s Liturgical Year in which we enter into Christ’s life from beginning to end. We do not need to ignore secular holidays or celebrations but placing more of our focus and efforts on the Church’s Year brings a natural, fruitful and more peaceful rhythm to our lives. The beauty and gift of the Church’s Liturgical Year allows us to experience life in its fullness not through just observation of a “holiday” but living Holy Days made so by Christ Himself. Living the Church year presents far more than remembering moments in time but a real invitation to enter in to the life of Christ and the Saints at this very time and place. Like the Eucharistic Celebration at Mass where Christ is made truly present to us we can enter into each day of the Church with a purpose whether it be fasting or feasting or looking toward a Saint for wisdom, example and guidance.

Living the Church year with intention brings opportunities each day to live and grow in our family lives and our personal lives. The times of fasting provide time for reflection, renewal and “re-grouping” in our personal lives and our family lives. The Feasting (of which there are many opportunities in the Church even during Lent) is made sweeter and more satisfying after having sacrificed whether it be time, food, entertainment or convenience.  Sacrifice followed by feasting allows us to experience real joy and gratitude replacing the dull monotony and chaos of a life filled with endless entertainment, instant gratification and self-absorption.

Are you looking for more peace, rest and purpose in your family? Begin this New Year with the Church! Here are some great resources to help you to get started or to strengthen your walk in Christ as a family.

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