Of Time and Money



In sharing his thoughts on money and childrearing, Stan from Hawaii said philosophically, “It is more important to have a high level of living than a high standard of living.” Marilyn from Oregon agreed. “Buying things is no substitute for time and love. Kids can’t be fooled. They would much rather have us attend their school program, for example, than miss it because we are working late so they can wear a designer label on their clothes.” Seconding this perception wholeheartedly was a daughter from Washington. “Mom and dad made a mutual decision that mom would be a housewife. They sacrificed the tangibles, like a pool, new cars, or a boat for things that mean so much more, like spending time with their children and nurturing their growth.” One mother’s opinion on overdoing the tangibles was blunt. “The more you give to children materially, the less they appreciate.” On the other hand, she’s noticed that the more time you give to children, the more they appreciate it.

If you are unable to provide your children the standard of living that you’d like, or the one that they’d like you to think they’d like, you needn’t feel guilty whatsoever, according to these parents and their youngsters. It is time that heads children’s list of most precious parental gifts. Whether you’re short or long on money, the more you give of you, the less your kids will care about worldly goods or any lack of. Time is the essence of parenthood.

Time is the cornerstone upon which a family’s well-being is built. Involvement, presence, availability―words that signify a parent’s commitment to family success. Giving quality time in quantity improves every aspect of one’s home life.

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