My Reason for Training in Fertility Care


From the time I was in medical school I have always been fascinated with family medicine and obstetrics. My mother worked as a nurse mid-wife for many years and maybe this kindled this interest in me. I was also very fortunate to get good formation and spiritual direction during my medical school. This made it clear to me how I should live and practice my profession, always trying to live unity of life.

Unfortunately, in medical school very little if anything at all is taught about natural fertility care hence on completion of the training one finds himself deficient in this area. This made me start looking for ways of getting fertility care training and I was very glad to come across Pope Paul VI Institute Creighton Fertility Care System and Naprotechnology. From October 2011 I have started my training in this program. This will enable me to offer natural fertility care and naprotechnology—a new emerging science in women’s health.

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