January - 2013


Family Name: McGinley

Parents: Doug and Shannon

Children: Patrick 16, Corey 14, Brady 10, Quinn 6

Our questions for the McGinleys:

Tell us a little about yourselves - a paragraph or two . . . Where do you live? What parish do you attend?

We moved to Bedford 15 years ago after living in Boston for two years. Doug's graduate school and then his job brought us out east after both growing up in Indianapolis. It it wasn't for his secretary being attacked by a dog, we never would have met. I was the temp that came in to take her place while she recovered. We joke that I was the temp who became permanent. We have four sons ranging from ages 6 - 16. Our spiritual life is nurtured by our parish family at Ste. Marie and feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends there who support how we are trying to live out our faith. Additionally, Family Program has helped us to provide our children a strong foundation in learning their Catholic faith.

What is your favorite family activity?

We enjoy traveling, golfing and watching/attending sporting events. Our pilgrimage to the Holy Land was something we will never forget and this summer, we are heading to Rome with EWTN's Steve Ray and Fr. Frank Pavone. Can't wait!

What is a favorite family tradition?

Going somewhere warm during February break to escape the New Hampshire cold. (can you tell this is on my mind!?!?!)

How does your family pray together?

We attend mass together and pray before bed as each family member says a personal intention. We try to pray a family rosary on Sunday nights and attend confession once a month.

What does your family find most challenging to living as a Catholic family in our society?

We find that the various schedules of our family members create one of the biggest challenges to family prayer - sports, school commitments, etc. Additionally, much of what our faith teaches is counter to popular culture and so we are often reminding our sons and ourselves that there is objective truth and that true freedom is following Christ for it spares us of much pain and gives us joy.

Thank you McGinleys! Check back next month to see another family featured on our Family Spotlight.

Carolyn McKinney