Hospitality - be the "gathering place"



  • Pray that your home may be a peaceful haven where the presence of Christ is felt.

  • Make sharing mealtime a priority. There really is no substitute because shared meals are more than just food! Take the time to talk about the activities of the day- ask questions ie. “What was the best thing that happened today? Worst thing? Funniest thing? Read a short Scripture passage or devotional after dinner or say a prayer or keep a prayer journal with intentions for each day. Enjoy your time at the dinner table.

  • Teach your children and model hospitality of the heart by being by being friendly andtreating all those we come in contact with respect and dignity –especially those within our own families!

  • Make an effort to reach out to single adults and single parent families and priests– often they love to share a meal or time with a family.

  • Invite other families and singles to share in your celebrations – especially liturgical celebrations or traditions. Don’t be afraid to invite them to say grace or pray the rosary or read a devotional if that is part of your family tradition.

  • Have sacred works of art and sacramentals such as a crucifix and Bible visibly present in your home. Decorate for the Liturgical Seasons using liturgical colors and reminders of the season.

  • Be present to your children’s friends - always have lots of food, fun and games! Talk and show interest and ask questions about their activities and interests. Make your home the “gathering place”. It can get messy and the grocery bill may go up a little but it’s well worth it.