October - 2012


Family Name: DeMeo

Parents: Vincent and Evi

Children: Anna (7), Johannes (5), Elisabeth (1)

Our questions for the DeMeos:

Tell us a little about yourselves - a paragraph or two . . . Where do you live? What parish do you attend?

We live in Trumau, Austria. Vincent is originally from Long Island, New York. Evi is a native of Austria. We were students together at the International Theological Institute. Here we became friends and fell deeply in love with each other. Having an international marriage has challenged us to trust in our God with great faith, hope, and love. It has been worth it! Glory to God!

What is your favorite family activity?

One of our favorite family activities is music. We enjoy singing together during the Christmas season, singing the litany of saints, and other songs (especially Austrian folk songs). We also enjoy learning and playing the piano and violin together. We are trying to keep the traditional Austrian “Hausmusik” (house music) culture alive in our family.

What is a favorite family tradition?

One of our favorite family traditions is to have a special family breakfast on Saturday morning. Pancakes, French toast, or waffles with whipped creams are some of our favorites. We also have a tradition of spending the entire Sunday together out in a nature park, or a lake, or in a city square.

What does your family find most challenging to living as a Catholic family in our society?

What we find most challenging to live as Catholic family in our society is the powerful youth culture that permeates our society. Especially through music and television/tele-electronics, we find this culture to lead our children away from what we value as a family. It alienates our children from us. Therefore, we try to build a robust family life which includes as its heart a vibrant life of faith.

Thank you DeMeos! Check back next month to see another family featured on our Family Spotlight

Carolyn McKinney