January - 2012


Family Name: Kiprop

Parents: Peter, Bridgitte

Children: Franklin (5), Joseph (3), Jacob (2), Christopher (11 months)

Our questions for Peter and Bridgitte:

Tell us a little about yourselves - a paragraph or two . . . Where do you live? What parish do you attend? How did you meet?

We are originally from Kenya. We met in Nairobi, Kenya where we lived and worked. After a brief courtship we got married. A month after, we relocated to the US; to Terre Haute, Indiana where Peter was admitted to Family Medicine Residency. During that three year program we were blessed with two boys (Franklin and Joseph). Upon completion of Peter’s training in 2008 we relocated to Manchester, New Hampshire where we still live and have been blessed with two more boys (Jacob and Christopher). We are members of Sainte Marie Parish for the last 3 years. Attendance by families with their numerous little children and a vibrant Sunday school made the parish appealing to us from our first visit.

What is your favorite family activity?

We like excursions to enjoy the beautiful scenery New Hampshire has to offer. In the summer the children enjoy going to Storyland. We also enjoy visits to Boston.

What is a favorite family tradition?

The children enjoy lighting the advent wreath candles and taking turns to blow them out after recitation of the rosary and singing of Christmas carols. We also enjoy putting up the nativity scene at home and counting down the advent calendar. As the family is still young there is still room for more family traditions as the years go by.

How does your family pray together?

We try to say the Holy Rosary daily together and attend Sunday Mass as a family.

What does your family find most challenging to living as a Catholic family in our society?

Living a coherent Christian life daily is a great challenge for us. As a family we strive to live out our faith in all spheres of our life whether it is in dad’s busy schedule at work, children’s play time or mom’s tasks at home try to make some time to always remember Our Lord either through short vocal prayers said together like grace before meals, Angelus at midday or the Holy Rosary recited as a family.

Thank you Kiprops! Check back next month to see another family featured on our Family Spotlight

Carolyn McKinney